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Sescoi has announced the launch of WorkNC 3X, a fast-track solution to 2D and three-axis machining designed for rapid deployment.

Users can start producing 3D parts right away, and will be operating at expert level, cutting complex parts and moulds after one or two days’ training, Sescoi said.

WorkNC 3X equips engineers with a core range of the two- and three-axis automated tool paths previously only available in the full version of WorkNC.

These include automatic three-axis roughing and finishing, contour and pencil machining and automated drilling.

WorkNC 3X toolpaths have intelligence built in, generating smooth transitions and fluid cutterpaths suitable for high-speed machining and cutting complex geometry.

Furthermore, the system can learn from and store an individual company’s machining methods, adding to its expertise and reducing reliance on human knowledge.

For toolmakers and manufacturers, this makes the software easy to use on the shop floor and introduces reliable and high-quality machining methods quickly.

Companies can cut their production times and improve part quality without introducing unnecessary complexity.

To help companies collaborate seamlessly with their customers, WorkNC 3X includes a range of native import CAD translators, notably DWG/DXF, IGES, STEP, Parasolid, SolidWorks, and Pro/E.

These enable model and drawing data to be easily imported, allowing smaller companies to compete for a wider range of business with confidence.

Specialist application CAD capabilities inside WorkNC 3X allow users to manipulate designs ready for machining, speeding up and simplifying program preparation.

WorkNC 3X offers reliability and the features WorkNC’s collision detection and avoidance module as standard.

For smaller machinists and toolmakers, WorkNC 3X will provide a fast and cost-effective way of transforming their machining capabilities, with rapid return on investment delivered by shorter deployment times, improved quality and simple operation.

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