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Triwefo has installed Sescoi’s Workplan Enterprise to enable it to achieve transparency and efficiency in its mould-making activities.

Workplan Enterprise was implemented in 2008 to replace an existing production planning system.

Triwefo was reportedly impressed with the system’s ease-of-use and the way in which it is tailored to suit project-based manufacturing, and in particular mould manufacture.

Triwefo manufactures injection moulds up to 7.5 tonnes.

In addition, it specialises in sintering press tools for ceramics and hard metals, producing tools, prototypes and small batches of components for end users and other companies within Tridelta.

Its previous manual data collection and management methods were time-consuming and prone to error as they relied on the transfer of information from job cards.

Workplan Enterprise overcomes this by allocating a unique number to each mould, which it retains for its whole life from conception to modification and repair, making it a simple process to have an overview of its complete history.

The company uses the full range of functions available in Workplan Enterprise, and has 15 seats of the software, which can all operate concurrently.

The modules include quotation preparation, purchasing, manufacturing management, invoicing and reporting.

Each user can customise how information is presented, so managers, technicians, sales staff and accountants can each view the data relevant to them, streamlining their tasks and making the whole manufacturing process completely transparent.

The way in which Workplan Enterprise stores information and tracks the complete lifecycle of a tool has several advantages.

Customers are guaranteed full traceability, as every aspect of the tool’s history is stored in one place.

For quotations for new moulds, the system is able to draw on the recorded information to find similar criteria within previously manufactured tools.

This information enables Triwefo to anticipate problems and use its experience to arrive at the correct costing information.

Once production has started, continual feedback of component prices and manufacturing times enable the company to keep a tight rein on its costs and, as a result, maximise its profitability.

The Workplan Enterprise solution has a modular structure, so it can be tailored to the needs of individual companies, automating key areas of business management.

Furthermore, it includes specific functions that have been developed for the tool and mould-making industry.

The complete lifecycle of a project or tool can be viewed at a glance, enabling multiple modifications and repairs to be easily tracked.

Customised reports summarise the information stored within the system allowing managers to check the real-time status of business drivers.

Having this information available makes it possible for corrective action to be taken straight away when a problem is detected, and for the company to make decisions about investment and direction based on accurate data.

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