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WRc is running a two-day training course about cost-effective drainage maintenance, targeted at professionals and managers who need to develop their understanding of the drain repair sector.

The course is also suitable for those wanting to enhance their business skills in commissioning surveys and repairs in order to support their current role or future career.

Based on The Drain Repair Book 2nd Edition, prepared by the company on behalf of the Drainage Forum, the course will examine the investigation and repair of domestic and light industrial drains and will identify the key decisions for selecting appropriate repair techniques.

Special emphasis will be given to the impact of repair selection on cost and performance.

The course is intended to underpin the business processes relating to identifying the need for repairs and the selection of appropriate techniques.

It will help delegates to understand: drain design and layout; common causes of failure; the best-practice requirements of the insurance industry; the correct commissioning and interpretation of drain surveys; the selection of appropriate repair techniques; cost and performance implications; and quality monitoring.

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