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X-frame Systems has released its modular X-frame system.

This system has been used in the manufacture of special-purpose machines involved with the production of medical devices, door furniture, garden tools and test cells for the automotive industry.

The system includes operator panels and a range of door types and fittings.

X-frame components are precision made from steel and can be rapidly assembled.

All the cabling, wiring and pneumatics are built into the internal channels that run around the X-frame.

This means that the need for clips and brackets is eliminated.

Colour finishes and branding, as well as customised functionality, are all selectable by the user.

X-frame can be extended or reduced, or shape or structure changed at any time and all the component parts are reusable.

There is also a pro-X variant for use in heavy-duty applications where the standard 800kg load can be significantly increased.

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