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Hitek Power has launched the XRF50, a 50W X-ray generator power supply for gridded tubes in industrial and scientific analytical applications.

Measuring only 322 x 203 x 115mm, the supply is powered from a 24VDC input and has full RS232 digital control.

The XRF50 provides up to 50kV for the X-ray tube anode with a maximum current of 1.0mA.

It also provides a low voltage output for the X-ray tube filament with a current of up to 1.0A and a maximum voltage of 14V (power limited to 3A), referenced to the 50kV negative output voltage.

A floating grid output is also incorporated, providing an output voltage of 0 to +150V DC at up to 20mA and 0 to -200VDC at up to 100microamps referenced to the 50kV negative output voltage.

The unit has been designed to offer the high stability and low ripple demanded by today’s applications.

Ripple on the high voltage output is less than 0.05 per cent of set voltage +15V peak-to-peak with a maximum of 25V peak-to-peak.

Static load regulation for voltage is less than 0.01 per cent +/- 1V from 0.2mA to full load.

Temperature drift is +/- 0.1 per cent over an eight-hour period after 30min warm-up.

The RS232 interface provides the high levels of remote control and monitoring needed to meet the requirements of modern X-ray systems to be controlled more finely and the growing need to protect expensive tubes.

Flashover and continuous short-circuit protection are also incorporated, plus trips for over-temperature, output over-voltage and arc.

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