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Askew and Barrett, a dried pulse specialist, has selected the X4 Bulk X-ray system from Loma Systems to ensure its high-quality peas and beans are free from contaminants and imperfections.

Askew and Barrett sources pulses from key agricultural merchants and then sorts, cleans and grades every pulse to ensure that no stones or other foreign bodies are found in the finished product, and that each pulse is the right colour, size and shape.

The company’s specialist cleaning machinery includes facilities for splitting and decorticating peas and beans, electronic colour sorters that identify off-colour product, and dusters and de-stoners, which clean and eliminate any impurities and contaminants.

Stones are the main source of contaminants – they can easily be gathered up with the product when cultivating the crops and are difficult to identify as they can look very similar to the product in colour, weight and texture.

To ensure 100 per cent contaminant-free product, Askew and Barrett selected the Loma Systems X4 Bulk X-ray system.

The system can identify metal and non-metallic contaminants such as stone, glass, calcified bone, high-density plastics and rubber and its high-speed technology can easily keep up with productivity.

Its advanced image processing and simple set-up routines and ability to detect other product defects such as component count, zone mass measurement and shape conformity.

Reject systems will also provide separate reject signals for each type of non-conformity so that contaminated and improperly packaged products can be kept separate.

The X4 X-ray is said to be easy to use and features a high-speed USB sensor and Windows XP operating system.

All models have an intuitive graphical touch-screen display, ensuring that operators can get the most out of each machine.

Lomas Systems said the X4 multi-functional inspection system is robust, hygienic and simple to use.

Customers benefit from Loma’s before- and after-sales service and receive a tailor-made solution to their X-ray inspection requirements.

Askew and Barrett also uses two Loma Freefall metal detectors at the end of the processing line, which identify any metal contaminants that occur during processing.

The company also took advantage of Loma’s Platinum Service Contract to ensure sustained production levels.

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