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Ishida Europe has released three models of its advanced X-ray inspection system to meet a variety of throughput speeds and pack and product sizes.

The IX-GA uses a self-learning Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology to offer maximum detection sensitivity and reliability.

The machine can detect impurities down to 0.3mm in size and can also spot missing items or damaged products.

In addition, the place of contamination can be accurately pinpointed.

Foreign bodies can be detected through aluminium foil and also in tins, regardless of the temperature or the salt and water content of the product.

The machines can also handle top sealed and thermoformed trays, flexible bags and unpacked products.

GA technology focuses the machine to identify difficult-to-detect contaminants with a high degree of accuracy, even at high throughput rates, using image data analysis over a number of inspections.

As it is common in food production for similar contamination problems to recur, data logging can help to build up a more precise calibration protocol with each inspection.

This enables permanent or recurring defects to be more easily identified and its location in the pack pinpointed.

The IX-GA can be controlled via touch screen on a Windows XP interface.

The machines can be easily cleaned and the belt conveyors can be removed without tools.

The food being inspected is not affected by radiation and is therefore not subject to compulsory labelling.

The safety of operating staff is also safeguarded thanks to three-fold plastic curtains, which are filled with lead, ensuring that no radiation can escape from the machine.

The system switches off automatically when the door of the machine is opened, or when an operator reaches into the inspection chamber.

Ishida Europe said the IX-GA range provides a valuable tool in helping manufacturers and retailers avoid the major implications of product recalls owing to contaminants.

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