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At Vision 2009, Xenics is showing five product groups: Xlin, Onca, Bobcat, Cheetah and the upgraded thermography version of Gobi.

Xenics’ line-scan detector Xlin-1.7-1024 combines a range of features for high-speed imaging applications in machine vision and spectroscopy.

At a line rate of 40 kHz and a resolution of 1024 pixels in combination with 12.5um pitch, Xlin-1.7-1024 enables more accurate inspection and smaller particle detection at shorter wavelengths than other cameras.

The Onca camera is suited to RandD environments as well as industrial process monitoring, high-speed imaging, target signature radiometric data collection, tracking and IR spectroscopy.

In this regard, Onca is of special interest because it increases frame rate while reducing overhead for high-speed process monitoring in windowing mode.

Delivering more than 100 images per second, Onca’s image acquisition and control are compatible with GigE Vision and Cameralink for easy integration in customers’ systems.

Onca is available in MWIR-InSb, MWIR-MCT, LWIR-QWIP and LWIR-MCT, formats.

A filter wheel is used to create multi-spectral imaging and super-frame mode enables viewing of hot and cold spots in one sequence.

Radiometric calibration results in accurate temperature measurement.

Bobcat, operating in the 0.9 to 1.7um band, is available for cost-sensitive, high-volume markets, replacing the XS-1.7-320.

As a compact SWIR camera complete with uncooled InGaAs detector and on-board image processing (DSP, TCP/IP, CL, video interface), Bobcat comes with 320 or 640 pixel resolution.

EVS, night vision and gated imaging are all available.

Cheetah-640CL supports continuous full-speed data transfer via double CameraLink.

It is now available with the IO Industries Streams 5^ image acquisition software.

This allows grabbing still or dynamic images at highest flexibility by setting control parameters such as integration time, operating temperature or frame rate, via the Cheetah-640CL configuration tool.

Finally, in a real-time thermography application, Xenics will demonstrate a digital-recording software and video-management platform of Quadrox in conjunction with its Gobi and Raven cameras.

The system was co-developed by Xenics and Quadrox featuring a software decision engine for the automated detection of flu-infected persons in pedestrian flows at airports, border stations or public schools.

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