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Xmos has launched a reference design for Iphone and Ipod docks, which keeps the audio signal path end-to-end digital, from the Ipod or Iphone via USB to the amplifier.

Implemented entirely in software, using the Xmos XS1-L1 event-driven processor, the flexible design eliminates analogue audio processing components, making it resistant to RF interference and enabling bit-perfect digital audio streaming for highest-fidelity audio performance.

32-bit digital signal processing with a 64-bit MAC avoids rounding errors, while zero clock jitter is assured by the design’s synchronous locally clocked architecture – said to be a crucial factor in attaining accurate, full-dynamic-range sound reproduction.

By combining the digital signal path with the Xmos processor’s 185MIPS of spare DSP processing power, designers can readily add custom digital sound enhancements to further improve audio quality.

Simple equaliser functions and psychoacoustic enhancements, such as bass boost and spatialisation, can be introduced, along with other third-party algorithm imports.

Programmed in C, XC and C++ languages, the XS1-L1 event-driven processor at the heart of the reference design provides users with a fully flexible embedded-software-defined workflow.

As well as its audio-processing capability, it offers a choice of digital-audio interfaces, including I2S, SPDIF, 1bit soft-DAC and PWM, and will support development of custom ‘front-of-box’ peripherals and control code.

The processor firmware can also be updated at any point in the future using device firmware updates, providing the opportunity to offer subscription-based services for product enhancements, software and hardware upgrades.

XMOS Semiconductors

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