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Xsens Technologies and Time Domain Corporation have announced a partnership to advance the entertainment industry’s 3D tracking and motion capture systems.

Xsens will unveil the tracking system’s capabilities at this week’s Siggraph conference, from 3-7 August in New Orleans, on booth 2819.

The partnership is based on Time Domain’s Precision Location Ultra Wideband System (Plus) technology combined with Xsens’ inertial sensor technology and builds on the Xsens’ MVN full-body camera-less motion capture system.

Xsens MVN, which is already in use among developers at Electronic Arts, Industrial Light and Magic, Sony Pictures Imageworks, THQ and others, will enable gaming and visual effects developers to track extremely large spaces in demanding environmental circumstances in real time.

It will also eliminate the line-of-sight restrictions associated with existing camera-based systems.

‘The combination of MVN with UWB technology meets industry demands for scalable multi-person motion capture systems that can be used on location and provide robust data in real time for on-set pre-visualisation,’ said Per Slycke, founder and chief technical officer of Xsens.

Time Domain’s Plus is an accurate real-time location system (RTLS) that enables enterprises to have precise location information of people and assets.

Using UWB technology, a Plus network can provide indoor location information at accuracy levels previously unavailable from Wi-Fi or other RTLS technologies.

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