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Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a range of single-chip WLAN integrated circuits (ICs).

The new Xway Wave100 ICs provide a high-performance and cost-effective solution for wireless network access points that are compliant to the 802.11n draft standard for data rates up to 150Mbit/s as well as the 802.11 b/g standard.

The Xway Wave100 family lowers the total system cost for home gateway manufacturers, with a significantly reduced RBOM (rest of bill-of-material) and improved manufacturing throughput.

It complies with the European Union Code of Conduct (CoC) for broadband-equipment energy efficiency.

The single-chip Xway Wave100 family integrates WLAN baseband, media access controller (MAC), RF, low noise amplifier (LNA) and power amplifier (PA) functionalities.

Systems based on the Xway Wave100 family require the industry’s lowest number of external components and need no external memory.

This results in an RBOM that is about 25 per cent lower than existing solutions and up to 70 per cent smaller board-space.

In the manufacture of WLAN equipment, the production throughput largely depends on the trimming of the WLAN device to achieve optimum performance.

Trimming adjusts for the characteristics of analogue components, which vary with the silicon process, temperature and life-time.

The Xway Wave100 range is an integrated tool-box that supports on-the-fly trimming with temperature, voltage and supply monitoring during standard operation mode.

This provides savings on expensive RF test equipment, in many cases removes the need for external trimming during manufacturing and minimises calibration time during manufacturing.

The Xway Wave100 single-chips are available with either SDIO or PCI interface.

When used in combination with the Xway Amazon-SE and Xway ARX182 ADSL2+ single-chips for low-cost xDSL WLAN router and gateway respectively, the SDIO variant frees up the USB 2.0 host interface of the xDSL single-chips for other tasks such as connecting a hard disk, printer or 3G dongle.

The PCI variant can be used in combination with Xway ARX100 family for full-featured WLAN gateways.

The Xway Wave100 range features advanced power-management modes to reduce the power consumption by at least 25 per cent compared with existing 802.11n solutions in the market.

Different power modes including sleep and diverse power-down states are implemented.

Infineon again sets a benchmark in energy efficiency by enabling customers to create green designs that exceed the requirements of the European Union CoC on energy consumption of broadband equipment.

This new solution achieves best RF performance with output power at least 2dBm higher than available solutions in the market, best-in-class sensitivity of -90.5dBm at 11Mbit/s (11b), -76.5dBm at 54Mbit/s (11g) and -73.5dBm at 150Mbit/s (11n 1×1).

Antenna diversity is supported to improve receiver sensitivity.

The Xway Wave100 family uses only a single 3.3V supply, operates at 2.4GHz and supports both 20 and 40MHz bandwidths.

Samples of the Xway Wave100 in a PG-VQFN-108 package are available with mass production starting in Q4 2009.

Reference designs together with Infineon’s xDSL single-chips are also available.

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