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Yale’s electric forklift development programme has continued with the launch of an 80V counterbalance series.

According to Yale, the VL is the most energy efficient, ergonomically advanced and productive counterbalance forklift series available in the 2,200 to 3,500kg capacity.

The VL series is a four-wheel electric-counterbalance super-cushion-tyre forklift truck with five wheelbase and capacity configurations.

The VL is suitable for use in indoor or outside applications, particularly in environments where space is at a premium.

The series includes features introduced on the company’s VT/VF and VG series, including easy on/off access and three-point entry; unobstructed floor space with right-hand access; headroom accommodating 160-194cm operators; Accutouch mini-lever module featuring angled, cushioned arm and palm rest with fingertip control of levers to reduce repetitive strain injuries (RSI); full suspension seat providing the lowest Whole Body Vibration (WBV) levels; heads up display; and reductions in whole body vibrations.

The VL features Yale’s e-balance technology, enabling customers to define the most suitable setting for their business; either HiP (high productivity) or eLo (energy efficiency).

Operating in HiP, the VL series delivers maximum traction and hydraulic performance for the most demanding high-productivity applications.

According to the VDI 2198 standard test, the ERP 25VL Value forklift consumed 20 per cent less energy (kWh/h) than the leading competitors’ average.

Performance can be further customised by selecting one of the four performance modes, where mode four provides maximum speed and acceleration and mode one is used where the application demands precise load handling and manoeuvrability (60 per cent of maximum speed and acceleration).

Yalestop Automatic Park Brake is standard on all new Yale electric counterbalance forklift trucks and is automatically activated when the truck is not in motion or when the operator is not seated.

This improves controllability on ramps and grades and increases productivity where the driver is frequently moving on and off the truck.

It also eliminates the need for alarms and buzzers to alert operators that the handbrake has not been set.

Provision has been made for a 12V power socket to be fitted as an option for the recharging of production and personal equipment.

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