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Yale has launched the 8-9 tonne-capacity Veracitor VX forklift truck, designed for the lumber, steel, concrete, brewing and chemical industries.

With a choice of diesel or LPG engines, the series has been designed to achieve maximum materials-handling efficiency and the lowest lifetime cost of ownership in heavy-duty applications.

The series combines the operating characteristics of an electric forklift truck – for example regenerative or ‘plug’ braking, controlled power reversals and overall controllability – with the endurance and power of a combustion-engine forklift truck.

In addition to increased lifting capacity, upgrades have been introduced to the Value and Productivity models to increase productivity through smoother operation.

Value models are fitted as standard with Techtronix 332 three-speed transmission for gradability and drawbar pull, while allowing top travel speeds for maximum productivity.

Features include an Auto Deceleration System (ADS), Controlled Power Reversal (CPR) and Controlled Rollback on gradients (CRB).

The Veracitor VX also features increased drawbar pull in first gear for use on gradients with second and third gears, providing maximum engine efficiency in applications where longer travel distances are common.

The Productivity models feature a three-speed extended Techtronix 332+ transmission, offering all of the features of the Value models with a number of additional functions, including Dynamic Auto Deceleration System (DADS), Throttle Response Management (TRM) and Auto-Speed Hydraulics (ASH) with Automatic Inching Control.

Working in a similar way to ADS, the DADS allows the operator to slow down the truck without using the brake and the rate of braking is determined by dashboard settings.

The rate of deceleration can be further fine-tuned according to the rate at which the driver releases his foot from the accelerator pedal.

TRM allows the operator to manage his travel speed according to the position of his foot on the accelerator pedal.

For example, a certain speed can be maintained both on the flat and on a gradient, without the need to depress the pedal further.

This system also compensates for hydraulic operation and drawbar pull.

ASH with automatic inching control is implemented when lifting a load.

The engine speed is automatically increased to provide full hydraulic power and the Intellix VSMTM maintains the current travel speed (or prevents travel) until the operator steps on the accelerator.

No operator inching is required and productivity is increased by simplifying operator actions.

For applications demanding a clean-burning forklift truck, a Diesel Particulate Filter system has been developed for the Veracitor VX range to reduce the potential environmental contamination caused by operating diesel trucks.

The filter physically captures diesel-particle emissions and particle matter and prevents its release into the atmosphere.

The Veracitor VX range is available with built-in air conditioning.

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