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GE Oil and Gas has completed work on two of the final four compression stations being built for an expansion of China’s west-to-east gas pipeline, increasing the supply of natural gas to Shanghai.

First firing of the gas turbine-driven compressor unit at the Yanchuan compressor station was achieved on 11 October, more than two months ahead of schedule.

The total project was finished in just over three months, 46 per cent faster than previous installations on the pipeline.

The Yanchuan station is increasing the flow and pressure in the last section of the pipeline.

GE completed a similar equipment installation on 30 October, at the Dingyuan station, downstream from the Yanchuan station and closer to Shanghai.

This project was completed in four months, 40 per cent faster than previous installations.

The new Yanchuan and Dingyuan compressor stations are part of a 12-station pipeline expansion project to boost the capacity of the west-to-east gas pipeline from 12 billion cubic metres a year to 17 billion cubic metres a year.

It is the longest pipeline in China and is a key part of the country’s plan to use natural gas for the generation of additional power to help meet the growing demand for energy.

The pipeline runs for nearly 4,000km, transporting natural gas from the remote Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in western China to the economic hub of Shanghai and other eastern provinces along the pipeline’s route.

GE was selected to provide the gas turbines, compressors and installation services for all 12 new compressor stations by the China Petroleum Material and Equipment Corporation and the West East Gas Pipeline Company of PetroChina Company Limited, based in Beijing.

GE installed the first eight new compressor stations in 2006 and is scheduled to complete the final two stations in 2009.

GE is providing 22 PGT 25+ gas turbine-packaged drivers and 24 PCL800 compressors for the pipeline expansion project.

Each PGT 25+ set includes an LM2500+ gas generator manufactured by GE Energy’s aeroderivative business in Cincinnati, Ohio, coupled aerodynamically with a high-speed power turbine manufactured by GE Oil and Gas in Florence, Italy.

In addition to the equipment, GE’s contract includes installation, start-up and training services and defines the supply of spare parts and personnel for scheduled maintenance for 12 years.

When the expansion project is completed next year, the entire west-to-east gas pipeline will feature 23 compressor stations.

In addition to the pipeline extension project, earlier this year GE Oil and Gas also was selected to supply pipeline compression equipment for China’s second west-to-east gas pipeline, which will carry natural gas from Turkmenistan to Shanghai and southern Guandong Province, to help meet the region’s growing energy demand.

GE also has been selected as an equipment supplier for a Turkmenistan pipeline project that is partially owned by PetroChina.

Other recent projects include the supply of equipment for the Sichuan to east China pipeline, and the supply of compressor trains for two projects that will feature the world’s largest coal-based propylene plants.

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