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Yasda Precision America Corporation, a provider of ultra-precise machining centres, has unveiled a five-axis jig borer.

Featuring five-axis machining technology, the YBM-Vi40 jig borer is capable of the high-precision die and mould machining of extremely hard materials in complicated shapes.

In a study comparing general three-axis machining to index five-axis machining of an R1 ball endmill for finishing, the YBM-Vi40 reduced machining time to about a fifth.

The ability to tilt the workpiece with the YBM-Vi40 also reduces cutter length requirements.

Thanks to the shorter tool length of the jig borer, cutting feed rates were 2,000mm/min, compared to 400mm/min with a three-axis machine, and surface roughness was 0.25 micron Ra versus 0.90 micron Ra.

Designed with a structure based on Yasda’s YBM series, the YBM-Vi40 is claimed to perform with high precision and rigidity.

The integration of a rotary B/C axis on the Y axis of the YBM-950V provides enhanced control and minimises weight differences in moveable bodies on each axis, while setting the heavy moveable bodies to a lower centre of gravity.

A Yasda-built highly rigid worm gear mechanism with a high reduction ratio is used for the tilting B axis.

This stabilises the machine against changes in tilting moments depending on the position and heavy cutting loads.

The B axis is supported by three roller bearings and helps control performance in reverse motion.

A direct-drive (DD) motor is used for the rotary C axis for accurate positioning without mechanical backlash.

To ensure accuracy during long cycle times, Yasda has equipped the YBM-Vi40 with a thermal distortion stabilised system.

By circulating temperature-controlled oil through the machine body and trunnion frame, the thermal displacement of each axis is minimised and stable precision machining is achieved.

For improved operability and workability, the distance between the YBM-Vi40 spindle and the workpiece and the distance between the operator and the machining point have been decreased.

Five-axis machining options for the YBM-Vi40 include 3+2 axes (three-axis simultaneous machining by fixing the index angles of B/C axes) and 4+1 axes (four-axis simultaneous machining by fixing the index angle of B axes) and all-axes simultaneous machining.

Specifications for the YBM-Vi40 include spindle speeds up to 24,000rev/min and traverse rates of 20m/min (X, Y and Z axis), 100rev/min (C axis) or 20rev/min (B axis).

Travel speeds are 900mm (X axis), 500mm with limitations (Y axis) or 450mm (Z axis).

It has a table working surface of 400mm in diameter (200kg load capacity).

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