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Yaskawa EEU received an order to retrofit a P7 inverter on one of the largest yachts in the world.

Built in 1992 and owned by the chief executive officer of PandO Cruises, the Mylin IV is the 21st largest super yacht in the world.

It is 200.13ft in length and is powered by two 3,775-horsepower engines.

The yacht’s maintenance engineer contacted Yaskawa due to a P5 inverter failure, which was one of three driving the air conditioning system onboard.

Yaskawa explained that the P5 is now obsolete, but the latest inverter, the P7, could be retrofitted to replace the existing P5.

The decision was made to upgrade the inverter when it was docked at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth in the UK for five days.

This meant that timing and logistics were crucial to ensure the Mylin IV could continue its journey with the upgraded system in place.

Yaskawa immediately contacted its US office to get a P7 unit shipped to the UK.

Bill Sweeney, the applications/support engineer for Yaskawa in the UK was tasked with the job.

Upon arriving at Gunwharf Quays, Sweeney was given a brief history of the system and discovered that the yacht had one P7 and two P5 inverters onboard.

The system is controlled by PID, depending on the demand of the air conditioning.

For low demand, only one inverter is in use, but as demand increases, the other two inverters kick into action.

Sweeney removed the old P5 unit, uploaded parameters from the existing P7 unit and programmed the new P7 unit to enable Memobus networking and Proface MMI.

The system was then tested to ensure the air conditioning was working correctly.

Due to the quality of service and product supplied to the Mylin IV, the maintenance engineer is considering replacing the third and final P5 inverter in the near future.

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