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Yaskawa Electric Europe has launched three additional command option units for the Sigma 5 series of servo drives.

Two ‘Communication Command Options’ allow the Yaskawa Sigma 5 servo drive to be implemented into CANopen and EtherCAT communication networks.

The command modules can be used for linear and rotary servo motors from single-phase AC230V 50W to 1.5kW and three-phase AC 400V 500W to 15kW.

The Indexer command option SGDV-OCA03A turns the Sigma 5 servo amplifier into a powerful single-axis positioning unit that is suitable for operating a Ballscrew or Belt driven positioner, as well as rotary positioning tables.

Simple and fast configuration is provided via the Sigmawin+ setup software.

The indexer can be controlled using either a serial network of individual digital I/O channels, making integration with a PLC simple.

Up to 256 programmed index moves can be defined within the module and control methods such as position and speed tables can be defined.

Up to 16 indexer modules can be connected via the serial network.

The SGDV-OCA01A EtherCAT command option provides a real-time Ethernet interface for EtherCAT communication networks and uses CANopen (CoE, CAN over EtherCAT) communications protocol.

The EtherCAT CoE interface allows the implementation of a synchronised distributed-drive system with high bandwidth.

The EtherCAT network module offers a range of functions based on IEC61158 Type12, IEC 61800-7 CIA402 drive profile and meets all relevant international standards.

The SGDV-OCB01A plug-in CANopen network module allows simple integration of Yaskawa Sigma 5 servo drives into this Bus network.

The module is compatible with the CANopen profiles DS-301 and DSP-402, V2.0.

It supports the following modes: profile-position mode, homing mode, profile-velocity mode, profile-torque mode and interpolated-position mode.

YASKAWA is a world-leading manufacturer of inverter drives, servo drives, machine controllers, and industrial robots. Especially in the field of linear drive technology YASKAWA is an international market leader and global player.

For almost 100 years, the company philosophy has been based on the principle of highest quality. This philosophy has helped YASKAWA to become one of the top global companies in the field of electrical drive technology. Its strong focus on research and development has yielded innovations that have contributed significantly to the success of many industries, among them machine construction, mining, machine tooling, automotive construction, packaging and semi-conductors.

As supplier of MOTOMAN branded industrial robots, market leader YASKAWA is also the world’s biggest robot manufacturer.

YASKAWA operates manufacturing and development facilities in Asia, Europe and North America.

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