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Yokogawa has released Centum VP R4.02, an enhanced version of the company’s integrated production-control system.

This latest version of Centum VP offers enhanced information visibility, a more intuitive operator interface, improved consolidated alarm management, a new Foundation fieldbus engineering function and linkage with the Prosafe-RS Safety Instrumented System (SIS).

These features will give customers a higher level of stability, reliability and productivity.

The updated Centum VP includes an easier-to-use human machine interface (HMI), strengthened consolidated alarm management and linkage with the Prosafe-RS SIS for improved safety.

For increased reliability, a new Foundation fieldbus engineering function improves reliability and allows full use of the intelligent capabilities of field devices.

Centum VP R4.02 features closer linkage with Yokogawa’s latest safety instrumented system: version R2.03.00 of the Yokogawa Prosafe-RS SIS.

It is now possible to operate and monitor this system and the Centum VP production-control system through the same HMI.

Enhanced consolidated alarm-management functions incorporated in version R4.02 include the ability of alarm engineering to define operations such as monitoring and notification in the same engineering environment used to configure operations such as control and monitoring.

This linkage of the engineering for the alarm, control and monitoring functions improves efficiency.

Version R4.02 of Centum VP can automatically check data after configuration changes are made to Foundation fieldbus-compatible sensors and final control elements such as valves.

This improves the quality and efficiency of engineering work done in the field and saves time.

Foundation fieldbus is a digital communications protocol linking production-control systems, field sensors and final-control elements.

Main target markets and applications include the monitoring and automatic control of plants and manufacturing equipment in manufacturing and processing industries such as oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, iron and steel, pulp and paper, electric power and water treatment.

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