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Yokogawa has released the TY500 Series of general-purpose hand-held digital multimeters.

The TY500 Series features a basic accuracy of 0.09 per cent and a 3.5-digit 6000-count backlit display with a 31-segment bar graph.

It includes true RMS measurements as standard, along with functions such as thermocouple temperature measurement, low-pass filtering and optional current-measurement using a clamp sensor.

Safety shutters prevent erroneous insertion of the test leads into the current measurement terminals.

The TY500 Series conforms to the EN61010-1 safety standard (1000V, CAT.III, 600V CAT.IV).

There are two models in the TY500 Series: the standard Type TY520 and the advanced Type TY530.

Both will: measure DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, frequency, temperature and capacitance; check continuity; and test diodes.

A low-pass filter is included as standard and a direct reading current function is available via an optional current clamp sensor.

Additional features available on the TY530 include a logging-mode memory for 1600 data points, maximum / minimum / average calculation, switchable RMS/mean detection, USB communication and an optional DMM communications software package.

TY500 Series multimeters measure 90 x 192 x 49mm and weigh approximately 570g (including batteries).

Battery life for continuous DC voltage measurement with alkaline cells is approximately 300 hours.

The Yokogawa TY500 Series multimeters carry a three-year warranty.

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