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Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released PST Scheduler: an optional feature of the Plant Resource Manager (PRM) device management package.

PST Scheduler was developed through the Vigilant Integration Partners (VIP) Initiative by Yokogawa and four valve suppliers: Dresser-Masoneilan, Flowserve, Metso and Samson AG.

Interoperability with the emergency-shutdown (ESD) valves manufactured by these companies is guaranteed.

The Yokogawa VIP Initiative is an open, non-exclusive, standard-based and interoperability-driven partnership, which enables customers to integrate field devices supplied by VIP member companies with Centum series-production control systems, PRM and Prosafe-RS.

Partial stroke testing (PST) is a key technique for verifying the correct operation of ESD valves.

As an ESD valve normally remains fully open, there is concern that a build-up of foreign substances may cause the valve to stick or inhibit the drive mechanism and that the valve will not function correctly in an emergency situation.

By slightly closing an ESD valve, the PST can diagnose such problems without disrupting the process.

This allows longer intervals between full stroke tests (which require a plant to be shut down), thereby reducing plant downtime.

PST Scheduler is used together with PRM to collectively manage and perform PSTs to determine whether ESD valves are in good working order and can respond properly when needed.

PRM can be connected with Yokogawa’s Prosafe-RS safety instrumented system to provide an integrated plant safety solution.

This solution makes it easier to schedule and conduct a PST, thereby contributing to plant safety and efficiency.

New product features include efficient PST scheduling and implementation.

With PST Scheduler, it is now possible to schedule the automatic or semi-automatic implementation of a PST.

The test date can be revised.

PSTs can also be performed manually, if the need arises.

Another feature is collective multi-vendor valve PST management.

Companies that use ESD valves from more than one vendor have always had to plan and conduct separate PSTs for each valve type, according to the company.

Provided that the valves are from the four companies participating in the VIP Initiative, it is now possible with PST Scheduler to collectively schedule and implement all PSTs, thereby enhancing efficiency.

The visualisation of schedule and status is ensured by showing the PST schedule and implementation status in a Gantt chart.

This PST Scheduler window can be viewed from any PC running the PRM package or from any operator station for the Centum series of integrated production control systems.

Target markets include process industries such as oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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