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A new version of Yokogawa’s curve-tracer software for semiconductor testing has been introduced for the company’s GS610 source measure unit.

Designed to carry out voltage/current analysis on two- or three-lead components, including discrete semiconductors, integrated circuits and optoelectronic components, the PC-based software works in conjunction with the USB-connected GS610 to enable source and sink operations at up to 100V at 0.5A or 12V at 3.2A.

A single GS610 is required for two-lead components and two units are needed for three-lead components.

The GS610 features screens that guide the user through the setup process and the selection of sweep range, graph axes, measurement range and measurement conditions.

Curves can be based on various combinations of current and voltage inputs, along with time-stamp references.

Sweep shape can be set to ramp (linear or logarithmic), triangular (linear or logarithmic) or rectangular and the number of sweep points can be five, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 1,000.

In addition to facilities for scaling and averaging, the unit offers a number of analysis features, including cursor, zoom, scroll and reference curve designation.

File operations include CSV data storage and loading, graphic image storage, panel image storage and setup storage and recall.

The GS610 source-measure unit equipped with the new software is suitable for carrying out high-speed, high-accuracy real-time V/I curve tracing for the parametric testing of components, such as discrete transistors and diodes, voltage regulator ICs, op amps, logic ICs, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and solar battery cells.

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