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Yokogawa has introduced the TY700 series, a range of handheld digital multimeters that combines accuracy, performance and reliability with functions for electronics and industrial applications.

Featuring a basic accuracy of 0.020 per cent and a 50,000-count dual display with a 51-segment bargraph, the instruments offer true RMS measurement and simultaneous measurement and display of DC and AC as standard, as well as full support for data management via a large-capacity logging-mode memory and USB communication.

There are two models in the TY700 Series: the Standard Type TY710 with 20kHz bandwidth and the Advanced Type TY720 with 100kHz bandwidth.

Additional features on the TY720 include switchable RMS/mean detection, a low-pass filter, a 50mV AC range and low-power resistance measurement.

The TY720 also has a logging-mode memory with a capacity of 10,000 data points, compared with 1,000 for the TY710.

Both products are offered with USB communication and an optional communications software package.

The instruments conform to the EN61010-1 safety standard (1,000V Category III, 600V Category IV), and have safety shutters for preventing the accidental insertion of the test leads into the current measurement terminals.

Operating temperature range is -20 to 55C, and storage temperature range is -40 to 70C.

The TY700 Series features closed-case calibration and a three-year warranty.

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