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Yokogawa Electric has released an upgrade to Plant Resource Manager (PRM), an integrated device management software package for centrally managing, monitoring and diagnosing plant field devices.

With the R3.05 upgrade, PRM now supports Profibus DP/PA and Wired Hart 7 devices, includes a new maintenance mark function and can run under Windows Server 2008.

Through these and other enhancements, PRM can now be used to manage a wider range of devices online.

The efficiency of maintenance activities has also been improved.

For multivendor systems, users now need these enhancements to PRM to centrally control and monitor information from devices that are compatible with standardised protocols.

PRM already supports the Foundation Fieldbus and Hart protocols.

With the added support of Profibus DP/PA and Wired Hart 7, the ability to manage and monitor a variety of plant field devices has been enhanced.

With its support of the Profibus DP/PA protocol used by more than 1,200 device manufacturers worldwide, the scope of devices that can be managed and monitored online by PRM R3.05 has been improved.

The added support of the Wired Hart 7 protocol means that PRM R3.05 can now be used to access, manage and monitor information from a much wider range of Hart devices.

It is now possible to add a maintenance mark to the information that is provided for individual devices.

Maintenance marks indicate the device maintenance status.

When a maintenance worker sets a maintenance mark, operators in the central control room can check it at a glance.

PRM maintenance marks can also be linked with the function-block operation marks used by the Centum production control system so that both maintenance staff and operators can have access to this information.

PRM R3.05 can now run under the 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 – the latest in Microsoft’s line of server operating systems.

This enhances the efficiency of device status monitoring and online diagnosis, according to Yokogawa.

PRM R3.05 now supports CommunicationDTM and GatewayDTM – functions of FDT/DTM, an open interface technology.

PRM can now be used together with CommunicationDTM-/GatewayDTM-compatible communications equipment to set and adjust the parameters for Profibus DP/PA devices.

With PRM, users can monitor the status of field devices and perform online diagnosis via a network.

PRM centrally manages database ledgers for individual devices as well as device maintenance information that can be accessed by maintenance staff.

Main target markets and applications include the maintenance of field devices in process industries such as oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, power, iron and steel, pulp and paper and water and wastewater treatment.

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