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Yorkshire Profiles has invested in the latest CO2 laser-cutting technology to offer a large-capacity subcontract laser-cutting service to its customers. The cutter features twin adaptive optics, eliminating the need for a lens change when transitioning from thin to thick materials and speeding up the rate of production.

When orders contain a range of material thicknesses, or when switching from an order with 2mm steel to 20mm steel, the same lens setup can be used.

The laser cutter also features automatic pierce and cut process monitoring, which enables the operator to leave the machine to run and monitor itself. This brings both financial and production benefits, according to the company.

Key benefits

  • Ease of use
  • High cutting speeds
  • Unmanned operation
  • Low costs
  • Energy efficient

Yorkshire Profiles

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd offers a high-quality laser-cutting service, waterjet-cutting service and sheet-metal fabrication service at affordable prices.

With a high-capacity laser-cutting setup, Yorkshire Profiles can supply parts cut up to 3,000 x 1,500mm out of materials up to 25mm mild steel, 12mm stainless or 10mm aluminium. The laser can also cut materials such as galvanised steel, Zintec and Hardox. Turnaround times are generally between 24–48 hours on both prototype work and larger orders.

Unlike other flying optic lasers, Yorkshire Profiles has created an alternative machine bed for cutting stainless steel to prevent cross-contamination with mild steel.

The waterjet-cutting service offered can cut virtually all materials up to 150mm thick, from metals to plastics, stones, ceramics, foams, rubbers and so much more. The cold-cutting process does not cause hardened edges, making it ideal for manufacturing parts that require further machining or tapping as the holes can be cut to size.

The cutting tolerances on both services are up to ±0.1mm depending on material thickness.

Sheet-metal folding is the third main service offered and can be accompanied by full fabrication of any assemblies you require.

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