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Miyano has revealed that Yorkshire Precision Engineering (YPE) has invested in a Miyano BNJ 42SY turning centre and Iemca bar feeder to extend the workload that the business can accept.

YPE found the 0.5-32mm diameter capacity of its sliding-head turning centres was limiting the workload the business could accept.

The company realised that survival in difficult times required the business to evolve, so it reviewed its business model.

Until 2008, the company was subcontracting out work beyond the capacity range of its sliding heads.

Realising change was needed YPE acquired a Miyano BNJ 42SY turning centre with 42mm diameter capacity and an Iemca bar feeder in October 2008.

Michael Laybourne, company director at YPE, said: ‘There were numerous jobs that were beyond the parameters of the sliding-head machines.

‘Another issue was the lack of through coolant.

‘We had the option of acquiring a high-pressure coolant unit for our current machines or buying a new machine with high-pressure through coolant plus a number of additional benefits – and that was what we did.’
The twin-spindle Miyano BNJ 42SY has two turrets with 12 tool stations and Y-axis capability to reduce cycle times by an average of 35 per cent.

With YPE serving the oil and gas, medical, aerospace and general engineering sectors, the BNJ machines anything from aluminium, PTFE, brass and copper through to carbon, mild and stainless steels and titanium and peak in batches from 25 to 100,000.

With a diverse workload across an often testing range of materials, the robust and flexible Miyano BNJ 42SY made an impression by enabling YPE to bring all subcontract work back in-house while improving production times by more than 20 per cent.

According to Miyano, the machine brought large parts back in-house and a number of sliding-head jobs were transferred from the current machines.

A large percentage of jobs had a considerable amount of milling work and sliding-head turning centres are primarily for production turning rather than recognised as mill/turning centres.

The larger, more robust Miyano enabled YPE to double the previous feed rates and depths of cut.

On one particular mild-steel hydraulic connector, the cycle time has been cut from 7min 20s to less than 5min.

Regularly produced in batches of 1500 to 2000, this 30 per cent reduction in cycle time is said to be a good result.

The result is credit to the increased speeds, feeds and the ability to plunge drill with through-coolant drills as opposed to pecking as on previous machines.

Since the installation of the Miyano BNJ 42SY, YPE has improved production times of many jobs by more than 30 per cent just by transferring from the sliding heads to the Miyano.

This is particularly the case with jobs that required secondary machining because of swarf build-up and shortened tool life.

According to Miyano, 12 months after installation the machine is still improving productivity times on established batch runs.

YPE has also acquired a 100mm diameter capacity chuck system for the BNJ 42SY.

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