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The Zenon HMI/Scada Energy Management System saves companies energy and money.

It allows customers to keep to the loading forecasts of their energy suppliers, allowing them to benefit from more attractive tariffs.

The intelligent Zenon Energy Management System automates the import of energy, allowing the user to stay within and make the best use of the agreed amounts.

EMS analyses the current energy consumption and produces a forecast for the remainder of the monitoring period.

If it detects load peaks that will lead to consumption exceeding the agreed amount, it will suggest switching actions or will perform them automatically.

Non-essential consumers may be switched off during peak periods and then switched back on again afterwards, or additional energy may be purchased on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

For gas networks, reserves can be connected and then refilled later.

In making its prognoses, Zenon combines a wide variety of methods for calculating trends such as power consumption patterns, energy patterns, calculating corrective power and predicting actual value and real value.

It even factors in drops in the import limits.

As Zenon has naturally integrated its EMS into its HMI/Scada technologies, communication errors that can occur when using different systems are eliminated.

All the components of the system can be monitored in EMS and contribute to the overall equipment effectiveness.

A switching action in the EMS is detected directly in the Scada system and vice versa.

Switching actions can be selectively automated and secured to prevent incorrect operation.

Zenon is an IEC 60870 and 61850 compliant energy system.

It also uses a large range of drivers and makes it extremely easy for the user to link all sorts of different devices into the EMS.

This keeps the power network operation steady, ensures the availability of devices and offers long-term reductions in energy costs.

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