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Transmission using Zeroshift’s seamless gear-change technology is helping the new Australian Joss JP1 supercar to set 0–100mph acceleration times of six seconds.

Integrated into a supercar transaxle developed by transmission manufacturer Albins, Zeroshift provides a continuous flow of torque during gearshifts that ensures that the car’s acceleration is uninterrupted.

According to Zeroshift, the uninterrupted flow of torque improves vehicle efficiency and ensures that engine power can flow continuously to the wheels.

Key benefits of product application

  • Low part count simplifies integration into existing packages
  • Zeroshift technology replaces synchromesh in a conventional manual gearbox with paired interlocking drive rings that change ratio without interrupting the torque
  • The lightweight shift forks that control the rings can be shifted using conventional hydraulics that place minimal parasitic loads on the engine
  • Gearbox architecture with a single clutch is retained

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