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Brady Worldwide has teamed up with Zestron to conduct chemical compatibility testing on the Brady range of polyimide labels, commonly used as printed-circuit-board (PCB) identification labels.

According to the test results, the polyimide labels can withstand Zestron’s latest cleaning chemicals, enabling electronics customers to apply Brady polyimide labels pre process during the manufacturing of circuit boards.

Polyimide labels are designed to endure the high heat and intense chemicals of the circuit-board assembly process.

However, many existing circuit-board labels have not performed consistently; at times, labels delaminate from the circuit board or chemicals will strip the print off of the labels’ legends.

To prove the reliability and performance of its circuit-board labels, Brady submitted its line of polyimide labels for a series of performance testing conducted by Zestron.

Ten label materials were tested: nine polyimide labels for pre-process identification (B-426, B-457, B-476, B-477, B-478, B-479, B-487, B-496 and B-497) and one polyester label (B-423) for post-process identification.

Brady printed all of the labels using a standard thermal-transfer printer and Zestron conducted the testing with its latest cleaning equipment.

The tests were completed either using inline and batch (spray-in-air or ultrasonic agitation) cleaning processes; each label was submitted for compatibility tests with up to three cleaning cycles under the standard process parameters specific for each product.

According to the test results, all of the Brady polyimide labels were proven to withstand Zestron’s cleaning chemicals and processes.

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