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Zetes has completed the installation of a made-to-measure solution for the Spanish logistics centre of Katoen Natie (KN), situated in Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara.

KN is now working with a labelling and dispatch control system based on an automatic labelling solution (P and A) developed by Zetes.

Katoen Natie specialises in logistics for the petrochemical, industrial, consumer goods and port-operations sectors.

The logistical centre that is hosting the solution includes 3000m2 of warehouses occupied by an audiovisual company.

Thousands of DVDs are sent from Azuqueca de Henares every day.

Zetes’ brief was to develop a tailor-made solution that met three basic functions: the printing and application of labels showing the price of each DVD on an automated packing line; the application, on these same DVDs, of the pre-printed labels (also on an automated packing line) and finally, the subsequent control of each product to ensure the compliance of the labelling.

The activity of the logistical centre, which must be able to identify, through two different labels, on average 30 DVD/minute, called for the installation of a global solution adapted to its needs.

The solution setup uses ZPA 1400 real-time printer-applicators, designed and manufactured by MD, the Spanish division of Zetes, which specialises in P and A.

This type of machine makes it possible to print and apply labels onto the upper surface of DVDs moving along a conveyor belt.

Their solid construction is adapted to the KN distribution chains.

Furthermore, the fact that their components are easily accessible on the market for maintenance purposes confers an optimal operational availability.

The ZPA family of printers from Zetes includes a range of products that cover all of the market’s requirements.

As regards the software, Zetes developed a modular application allowing an efficient control of the various labelling lines and a systematic control of the information contained on the labels.

It also developed a made-to-measure application to check that all the dispatches are correctly labelled.

The two applications have been integrated with the company’s internal management system to offer the fluidity of real-time data exchange.

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