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ZF Electronics has announced a special edition of its G83-6744 keyboard with integrated smartcard reader to partner its Smartterminal ST-1044U chipcard reader for use in high-throughput environments.

The Smartboard G83-6744 is a USB keyboard with integrated card reader and matches the Cherry Smartterminal ST-1044-UD standalone USB card reader.

Both products feature landed contacts rather than the standard sliding contacts, giving them approximately double the normal operating life.

Landed contacts are held in a retracted position when the smartcard reader is non-operational and only spring forward to touch the card once it is fully inserted.

The credit or debit card suffers less wear and is readable for a longer period of time.

The Smartboard G83-6744 is a USB keyboard with a class-two chipcard reader and EMV certification, designed for secure PIN entry and data transmission, whether for card payment, data encryption, digitally signing documents or registering onto a network.

It is fully compliant with the laws governing electronic signatures (SigG and SigV), and offers PC/SC compliance, ISO7816 (card and chip positioning standard) compatibility and OCF support.

It features landed contacts within the smartcard reader and is available in white or black, to order only.

ZF Electronics also offers landed contacts in its standalone Smartterminal ST-1044UD, a USB chipcard reader which can be operated with one hand for reading and writing on smartcards.

The weight of the reader is sufficient to ensure that there is no movement on card entry and removal.

The Smartterminal ST-1044UD can cope with approximately 200,000 operations, double that of a normal reader with sliding contacts.

The PC/SC compliant device also offers ISO7816 compatibility and OCF support, as well as being CCID and CardMan 3121 compatible.

It is suitable for access monitoring, network logon or card-based internet transactions.

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