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ZF Electronics is introducing three series of geartooth speed sensors.

The GS100X range features two types of Hall-effect speed sensors, while the GS1012 flange-mount speed sensor is designed for high-temperature applications in the automotive industry.

GS1001-1002 Hall-effect geartooth speed sensors are circuit protected and available with an adjustable stainless-steel housing.

Immune to rotational alignment, they can accurately sense the movement of ferrous geartooth targets down to near-zero speed.

A 10-bit dynamic threshold detection means that these sensors automatically adjust their magnetic range and compensate for changes in target geometry, as well as being immune to target run out.

GS1001 and GS1002 series speed sensors are available terminated with connectors or cables.

The 22 AWG cable version is tin-plated with drain wire and polyolefin insulation, while the connector variant offers an M12 integral connector that meets IEC 60947-5-2 for low-voltage devices.

The GS1001-GS1002 sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications including machine tools, industrial feedback controls and transmission speed controls.

Cherry GS1005-GS1007 series geartooth sensors have a hard coat anodised adjustable aluminium housing.

They meet IEC529 IP67 standards for dust and water protection and are suitable for applications such as food processing equipment, exercise equipment and speedometers.

Two models are available: a discrete wire version in 20 AWG, tin plated with polyolefin insulation; and the GS10051 with an M12 integral circular connector suitable for use with low-voltage devices.

Reverse battery protected to -24V DC, Cherry GS1005-GS1007 geartooth speed sensors are also compatible with an unregulated power supply.

Designed for automotive applications including chassis systems, transmission and anti-lock braking systems, the Cherry GS1012 flange-mount gear sensor is rated to 150C.

Its sealed design exceeds IEC60529 IP67 for fluid immersion and is resistant to fuels, solvents and lubricants.

The sensors are designed for use with Delphi 12162280 mating connectors and the connector orientation can be customised.

Contact discharge is ESD resistant to 15kV.

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