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Zigor has introduced the Sepec and HIS/HIT inverters for single-phase and three-phase power, respectively.

These inverters deliver consistent energy supply at the lowest possible cost.

As renewable energy sources are neither manageable nor available on demand, combining them with energy supplied from the grid and/or a diesel generator, plus storage via a battery, provides cost-efficient and reliable energy while reducing CO2 emissions.

Zigor systems can incrementally add energy to the demand from available energy sources, for example: grid, generator, solar, wind and battery.

They follow a program to deliver energy at the lowest possible cost.

The Zigor Sepec solutions have been tested and are currently in use in Spain where they deliver a high return on investment, taking into account initial investment and maintenance costs.

These systems have many applications, including generating power in rural or remote locations that are not connected to the grid and so are heavily reliant on diesel-power generation.

The HIS/HIT inverter reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions by replacing diesel power with renewable energy when it is available.

This is particularly suited to telecom sites in remote locations where power generation had previously been prohibitively expensive.

The Zigor Sepec solution is also applicable to on-grid sites where CO2 and cost reduction are priorities.

In addition, the system can manage wind or solar-energy sources so they provide a continuous high-quality power supply due to the sophisticated energy conversion and control system, combined with battery back-up.

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