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Zotefoams has launched the lightweight Zotek NA30 polyamide co-polymer thermoplastic foam material for automotive applications such as undershields and bonnet liners, engine insulation, air ducting and a variety of die-cut and thermoformed spacers.

The product offers high-temperature performance properties and a maximum operational temperature of 170°C, making it suitable for applications within the engine compartment.

Zitek NA30 also has a tolerance to hydrocarbons, oils, greases and brake fluids, making it suitable for automotive applications that may come into contact with fuels, lubricants or functional fluids.

Key specifications

  • Weighs 30kg/m3
  • Can be thermoformed into complex shapes
  • Zotefoams’ manufacturing process uses only nitrogen gas as the foaming agent, removing a major potential source of VOCs
  • Zotefoams’ materials have been analysed in accordance with various standards, including VDA 277 and VDA 278
  • Has a consistent, controlled cell size and structure with no density profile or cell orientation
  • Foams are virtually stress free
  • May be fabricated by traditional means, including sawing, routing, drilling, water-jet cutting and die cutting
  • Can be thermoformed using heat-compression moulding and vacuum-forming techniques

Zotefoams manufactures a wide range of closed-cell, cross-linked polyolefin foams in many different densities from 15kg/m3 to 120kg/m3 (1lb/ft3 to 7.5lbs/ft3).

Produced from LDPE, HDPE and blends, ethylene copolymers and 100 per cent polypropylene, these foams are marketed under the leading brand names: PLASTAZOTE, EVAZOTE, SUPAZOTE and PROPOZOTE. Many of these 'Azote' foams are available in a wide variety of vivid attractive colours in addition to the more common black, white and grey.

Flame-retardant, conductive and static-dissipative variants are also produced for special applications. Zotefoams uses a unique nitrogen expansion manufacturing process to produce pure foam with exceptional consistency in terms of cell size and structure, density and depth of colour. Using this technology, the company has recently developed ZOTEK, a range of foams with outstanding thermal, physical and chemical properties and based on advanced engineering polymers such as PVDF and polyamide.

ZOTEK F (produced from Kynar PVDF fluoropolymer) exhibits the excellent flame-retardant properties demanded in the aerospace industry. The company also markets T-Tubes, an advanced tube and pipe insulation system specifically developed for stainless steel process lines in cleanroom environments and manufactured from ZOTEK F.

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