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Z Corporation has released two handheld 3D laser scanners that quickly capture 3D geometry and true colour data for reverse engineering, inspection and product design.

The ZScanner 700 PX uses built-in Aicon photogrammetric software to precision-scan large objects such as aircraft and cars.

For larger objects, the ZScanner 700 PX is up to eight-times more accurate than the standard ZScanner 700.

The ZScanner 700 PX’s ease of use, accuracy and portability make it ideal for applications such as reverse engineering, inspection, 3D archiving, complex-shape acquisition, measurement archiving, damage assessment, digital modelling / mockups and rapid prototyping.

The ZScanner 700 CX can capture surface information in full 24-bit colour, rendering the complete picture of an object, not just the geometry.

Colour 3D-data enables more realistic and informative 3D visualisation and concept models, making the ZScanner 700 CX ideal for cultural heritage, anthropology, archaeology, art, entertainment and web applications, as well as product design and reverse engineering.

In addition to capturing colour, the ZScanner 700 CX provides automatic and accurate texture mapping.

Texture maps can be saved separately from the mesh, meaning users can modify or refine the texture in photo-editing software without compromising accuracy.

Flexible resolution during scanning enables the user to reduce resolution to obtain a lighter weight file or smoother surface appearance.

Dual-scanning mode lets the user toggle between colour and monochrome modes during the same scan.

The ZScanner 700 CX can be combined with Z Corporation’s 3D printers, which can print in multiple colours.

ZPrinters create physical models directly from ZScanner data, or any 3D data, just as 2D printers create documents from word-processing text.

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