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Zygology has revealed that its Bulge Control Technology (BCT) rivet nuts are being used on steel tube assemblies.

BCT’s design is said to remove the limitations that prevent standard rivet nuts from being used in a variety of common application settings.

Recently, a customer wanted to install an M5 rivet nut into a tube (12mm OD, 10mm ID), but all the standard rivet nuts it tried failed due to the tight radius and the reduced blind side clearance – basically, they were too long.

A reduced length BCT was installed, which overcame these issues.

Reduced length BCT is a new product being launched soon.

This particular version of the product is clearly for use where either blind side clearance is restricted or where blind side protrusion must be kept to a minimum.

However, owing to the method of manufacture, this product still yields thread strength suitable for use with grade 8.8 bolts.

Tubular steel is used in great volume.

The size used in this case is one of the most common sizes in Europe and is frequently used in the manufacture of items such as metal furniture.

BCT rivet nuts can be installed into almost any material including GRP, most plastics, wooden board, carbon composites as well as all metals.

BCT is available in steel, aluminium, brass and to order in 316 stainless steel.

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