I-Cube I-Logix I-SFT I2 Technologies I4 Automation I4B IA Technology IAC IAR Systems IB Industries Ibase Ibase Technology Iberium Communications Ibexis Ibiquity Digital IBJ Technology IBM IBM Haifa Research Lab IBM PLM Solutions IBS Precision Engineering Ibsen Photonics IBT Power IC Electronic Components IC Insights IC Interconnect IC Manage IC Mask Design IC Nexus IC-Haus Icadsales ICAM Technologies Icape ICD Controls Ice Qube Ice Spy UK Iceberg Associates ICEE Icem Icenta Controls Icera Semiconductor Icevent Technology IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers) ICM Controls ICM Integrity and Compliance Management Icom Icon Process Systems Icon Research Icona Solutions Iconics icontrols Icop Technology Icore ICP ICP DAS ICP Solar ICS ICS Robotics and Automation ICS Triplex ICS Triplex Isagraf ICS-Zierick ICSI ICX Photonics ID Automation ID Data ID Explosives ID Tech Ex ID-Marketing IDAC IDBS IDC IDC Expertise IDC Technologies IDEA Ideal Heat Solutions Ideal Industries Ideal Power Ideas ideas-4-action Idec Electronics Idem Safety Switches Identco Identec Solutions Ides Ideveloper Network Idhammar Systems IDM Electronics IDM Instruments IDS Imaging Development Systems Ltd IDT IEA IEEE ESTC-2008 Conference and Exhibition IEEE P1581 Working Group IEEE Reliability and CPMT Society IEI Technology IEMCA IES PCA IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) IET Labs IFM Efector IFM Electronic IFR Systems IFS IGE and XAO IGG Component Technology Ignios IGT Industries Igus IHD IHS Engineering IIC Dr Kuhn IIE, The Institution of Incorporated Engineers IIR Exhibitions IKA India IKA-Werke Ikanos Communications IKM Gjerseth Elektro Iknowledge Solutions IKO Nippon Thompson Ikon AVS Ikonvergenz IKOS Systems IKV Tribology Ilab Ilight Ilix Precision Illston and Robson Ilmvac UK Ilog IMA Imada Image Computer Systems Image Industries Image Management Technologies ImageID Imagination Technologies Imaging Solutions IMAPS Imass Imatek IMB Enterprises IMB Enterprises IMC Exhibitions IMC Group IMC London Section IMC Wessex Division IMEC Imego Imerge Imetrum Imexsu IMI Components IMI Precision Engineering IMI Vision IMI Watson Smith IML Events IML Labels and Systems IML Roscar Immersion IMO Precision Controls Impac Infrared Impact Impact Impact Precision Impacto Protective Products Impactxoft Imperial Connector Systems Impinj Impregnation Services Impress Sensors and Systems Improvement Tools Impulse Impulse Accelerated Technologies IMS Connector Systems IMS Consulting IMS Research IMSI IMSM Imsys Technologies IN-CAD Services Ltd In2connect In2process In2tec InBulk Technologies Inca Geometric Incat Incentia Design Systems Incite Technology Incorez Indentec Hardness Testing Machines Independent Integrity Inspection Independent Integrity Inspection Indequip India Glycols Indigo Vision Inditherm Indium Induction Atmospheres Inductive Automation Inductotherm Heating & Welding Indukey Indusoft Industramark Industrial Ancillaries Industrial Automation Industrial Automation INSIDER Industrial Automation Services Industrial Batteries Industrial Capacitors Industrial Clutch Parts Industrial Computers Industrial Control Links Industrial Control Software Industrial Data & Information – IDII Industrial Defender Industrial Design Consultancy Industrial Devices Industrial Electronic Automation Industrial Encoders Industrial Gas Springs Industrial Interface Industrial Measurements Industrial Monitoring Systems Industrial Motor Power Corporation Industrial Motors and Gears Industrial Networking and Open Control Industrial Safety Integration Industrial Spray Solutions Industrial Technology Systems Industrial Telemetry Industrial Tomography Systems Industrial Vision Components Industrial Vision Systems Industrial Washing Machines Industrialleaders Industry Live Indysoft Europe Inelco Inelco Hunter INEMI Inertial Aerosystems Ines Inetec Inficon Infineon Technologies Infinera Infiniscale Infinite Industrial Informatics Inflow Technology Influx Measurements Infocus Infologic Design Ltd Infor Inform Informa Conferences Informa Telecoms and Media Infotechnics Infranor Infrant Technologies InfraRed Integrated Systems (Irisys) Infratec Ingeliance Ingenious Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll-Rand Ingredient Handling Solutions Inhand Electronics Inkjet Inmoco Innologic Systems Innolume Innominate Security Technologies Innospec Innotech Innov-X Systems Innova Systems Innovasic Semiconductor Innovatest Innovation Advisory Service Innovation Centres Scotland Innovation Engineering Innovation First Innovative Components Innovative Data Communications Innovative Micro Technology Innovative Molding Innovative Semiconductors Innovative Sensor Technology Innovative Silicon Innovative Solutions Innovative Technologies Innoveda Innovia Films Innovision Research and Technology Innovmetric Software Innvo Systems Inoex Inora Technologies INORES Inov8 Inova Computers Inovar Communications Inovati Inovision Software Solutions Inovys Inphi Inplay Technologies, Duraswitch Division Inro Inscale Measurement Technology Insectron Inseto Inside Contactless Insignia Solutions Insilicon InspX Instarmac Institute for Manufacturing Institute of Acoustics Institute of Infrared Thermography Institute of Measurement and Control Institute of Spring Technology Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Institution of Engineering and Technology Institution of Engineering and Technology Institution of Mechanical Engineers Instron Instrument Plastics Instrumentation Scotland and Offshore Systems 2008 Instrumentel Instruments Direct Insys Microelectronics INTACS Industrial Training Intact Software Intec Automation IntecPC Integra Biosciences Integra Composites Integrated Design and Analysis Consultants Integrated Dispensing Solutions Integrated Dispensing Systems Integrated Engineering Integrated Engineering Software Integrated Hydraulics Integrated Measurement Systems Integrated Microelectronics Integrated Safety Solutions Integrated Silicon Solution Integrated Sound Software Integrated System Technologies Integration Objects Integre Technologies Intek Adhesives Intel Intelicam Intelicoat Technologies Intellasys Intellect Intelliam Intellicom Innovation Intelliconnect Intelliden Intellidrives Intellient Intelligent Appliance Intelligent Distributed Controls Intelligent Fluid Solutions Intelligent Instrumentation Intelligent Sales Solutions Intelligent Security Intellikey Intellitech Intellitect Water Intellitracker Intelmac Intense Intepro Inter Elektrik Elektronik Interact Interactive Products Interalia Communications Intercad Intercaps Filling Systems Intercim Interconnection Research Interconnex Interface Components Interface Concept Interface Force Measurements Interface Masters Technologies Interfleet Technology Interflon Intergraph Intergraph Process, Power and Offshore Interinar Electronics Interlink BT Intermec Technologies InterMoor International Coil International Electrotechnical Commission International Engineering Consortium International Expo Consults International Exports International Metrology Systems International Powered Access Federation International Products International Rectifier International Syalons Interphase Interplas Intersafe Intersema Sensoric Intersil Intersil SA Interstate Connecting Components Intertec Hess Intertec Instrumentation Intertech Development Intertech-Pira Intertek Intertek Caleb Brett Intertronics Interwise Intime Software Intrinsity Introtek Invensys Invensys Avantis Invensys Avantis Invensys Climate Controls Invensys Foxboro Invensys Operations Management Invensys Powerware Invensys Process Systems Invensys Simsci Esscor Invensys Triconex Invention Machine Inventronics Invents Invertek Drives Inverter Drive Supermarket Inverter Fusion Investacast Invetech Invibio Invicta Forks and Attachments Invicta Vibrators Inviron Invotec Invue Ion Controls Ion Science IOP Publishing IOSH Iosoft Iota Sigma IOtech IP Cores IP Extreme IP Supermarket IPC IPC Systems IPD Ipec Europe IPG Photonics IPI Global IPL IPL Packaging IPmouse.com Ipower Solutions IPS Ceramics Ipsco Ipsil Inc IPTE IQC IQD Frequency Products IQMS IQMS Europe IQPC IQvolution IR Microsystems IRC Advanced Film Division IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies IRCHEM Ircon IRIS Enterprise Software Iris Power Engineering Iris Technologies Irish Manufacturing Excellence Irish Water, Waste and Environment IRISS IRISYS – InfraRed Integrated Systems IronCAD IS-Rayfast ISA ISA – International Society of Automation ISA England Section ISA Ireland Section Isabellenhuette Heusler Isagraf Isatec Iscar Tools ISCET Isentropic Ishida Iskra Feriti Iskratel Electronics ISL Intelligent Security Ismosys ISO Isocom Isocom Components IsoCool Isoform Isogen Isopak Isothermal Technology ISP Industrial Support Products ISPE ISS Group ISS Safety Isys Intelligent Systems Isystem IT Solution pvt ltd IT-Supplier Itasco Precision ITC Tooling ITE Tech Itedo Software Itheon ITI ITI Dresden ITIS Institut Technique Industriel Superieur Itochu Itox ITP iTrinegy Itron ITS Europe ITT (Advanced Water Treatment) ITT Analytics ITT Fluid Technology ITT Flygt ITT Industries ITT Interconnect Solutions ITT Microwave Systems Ittia ITW Densit ITW Devcon ITW Devcon ITW Permatex/Plexus ITW Plexus ITW Test & Measurement GmbH ITW Welding Ivas Tech Iveia Iwave Systems Technologies Iwis Drive Systems Iwow Connections Ixia Ixia UK Ixion Auerbach Ixthus Instrumentation Ixxat Ixys Semiconductor