Supply contract nets Goodrich $50 million

Lockheed Martin has awarded the Goodrich Corporation over $50 million to supply multiple systems for 60 C-130J transport aircraft currently on order with Lockheed.

Goodrich Corporation will be supplying Lockheed Martin Aeronautics with sensor systems, power systems, fuel and utility systems and a variety of other technologies for the C-130J transport aircraft.

The US Air Force and Marine Corps recently awarded Lockheed Martin an order for 60 C-130J aircraft. The value of Goodrich’s systems and products on the newly ordered aircraft is expected exceed $50 million over the six-year life of the order.

The Goodrich Sensor Systems team is supplying air data sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, ice detectors, windshield wiper systems and current monitors for the C-130Js.

In addition, Goodrich’s Power Systems businesses are providing a variety of systems for the aircraft such as AC generators, generator control units, current transformers and cargo winches.

The company’s Engine Systems Segment is supplying the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) for the new Rolls- Royce AE2100 engine as well as fuel pump and metering units, inlet guide vane actuation, fuel injectors and turbine blades.

‘The C-130J illustrates the breath and depth of what Goodrich has to offer,’ commented Marshall Larsen, President and Chief Executive Officer. ‘We have more than 10 strategic business units across the globe supplying systems and technology to this aircraft.’