Support for subs

An in-service support contract worth £155m has been placed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to support its entire Royal Navy submarine fleet.

The contract will see the MoD’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) team working with Bristol-based submarine engineering support companies such as Babcock and BMT Defence Services.

The MoD hopes this will increase the knowledge base to ensure the sustainability of future submarine support.

Alasdair Stirling, head of in-service submarines at DE&S, said: ‘These engineering services are absolutely crucial to maintaining safety and upgrading our submarine flotilla effectively, on time and with value for money.

‘Over 11 successful years we have already built a strong working relationship with the industry team, and this new contract will further develop our collaboration.

‘Instead of the traditional customer-supplier relationship, the joint team will take a pro-active approach to improving submarine support, which makes way for innovation and cost reductions.’

The contract will last 10 years and will involve 120 experts from industry working alongside 190 people from the MoD’s DE&S division.