Supporting Tess Valley engineering

TeessideUniversity is lending its support to the Tees Valley Engineering Partnership (TVEP), which has been transformed into an independent limited company. The university will work with members to improve the transfer of new technology and provide solutions for skill-based issues, with the aim of giving the TVEP a competitive edge.

The new venture will allow the TVEP to independently access a variety of funding streams for the support of its members. It aims to ensure that companies act in influencing regional decision-making and provide members with practical assistance with technology and skills issues.

The TVEP believes that this venture is a first for the UK in both its concept and rationale. Headed up by honorary president Sir John Hall, TVEP is being positioned as a central contact point and information hub for businesses in the region and those considering a move to the TeesValley.

Over the next year TVEP are aiming to host a number of events and initiatives designed to provide new business development opportunities for its members.