Surface mount LEDs are side-facing

Elekon has introduced what it claims are the world’s first side-looking surface mount LEDs. The ESM-3070 series of GaP LEDs come in green, yellow green, red and orange output ranges and are offered as IR emitters as well.

Features include a total height of less than 1.20 mm and a foot-print of only 2.50 mm, power dissipation of 100 mW, operating temperatures between -20 degrees C and +80 degrees C, a forward current of 60 mA, a forward voltage of 1.8 V (2.6 V max.) and a radiant intensity of 24 mW/sr.

Applications include any type of indicators that require a very low-profile light source such as backlighting for portable electronic devices, PDAs and cell phones as well as touch-screen systems fitted on CRTs or flat-panel displays for the IR version.

The peak wavelengths for the four visible versions of the ESM-3070 are as follows: ESM-3074: 660 nm (super red); ESM-3075: 575 nm (yellow green); ESM-3076: 565 nm (green); and ESM-3077: 635 nm (orange). The IR versions have peak wavelengths of 880 nm, 900 nm and 930 nm. The ESM-3070 series also has a spectral bandwidth of 50 nm and a half angle of ± 15 degrees.

All versions of the ESM-3070 series are available now and prices begin at $0.30 (US) each in quantities of 10K.

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