Surveillance system keeps road traffic in check

A collaborative effort between European academics and industry partners has led to the development of an automated and robust traffic surveillance system that could make road travel across Europe safer.

The Eureka VICATS (Video Content Analysis for Automated Traffic Surveillance) project was co-ordinated by Dr Vladimir Crnojević at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, working with counterparts at University College Ghent, Belgium, and industrial partners Fitis-JU in Serbia and Traficon in Belgium.

The autonomous real-time video content analysis software is capable of extracting information from CCTV video to detect pedestrians, traffic queues and accidents, as well as measuring the volume of traffic on a stretch of road, calculating the average speed of moving vehicles and recognising speed limit violations.

Owing to the open architecture of existing surveillance systems, it is anticipated that the new software could be assimilated seamlessly into current systems. The researchers say that it is especially appropriate for the surveillance of tunnels and bridges.