Surveillance technology investment

Lisburn-based surveillance technology company Seven Technologies is investing £1.7m to develop new products and services for export to the US with the help of RDA Invest Northern Ireland.

Seven Technologies specialises in technical surveillance equipment and training to help organisations combat anti-social activities such as prohibited dumping and illegal immigration, as well as ensuring safety on transport routes such as railways.

The US National Park Service is using systems provided by Seven Technologies in a joint trial with animal conservation specialists, combining environmental concerns with illegal immigration prevention.

The company aims to generate sales of £2.5m over the next three years by developing a new generation of surveillance equipment, offering an increased range of services and putting an export marketing campaign in place.

Seven Technologies also plans to recruit up to 13 skilled staff members who will focus on the key areas of product research and marketing.

The company’s UK clients include fire and rescue services, Irish Rail and local councils across the UK.