Sustainable packaging

A collaborative effort between Microsoft, the Allen Schluger Company and Shorewood Packaging has won the US Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘Cradle to Cradle Design Challenge.’

Designers at the three companies created a ‘Bevelope’ with 100% post-consumer content paperboard. The key feature in the design of the Bevelope are ‘bevels’ that allow the package to ‘expand’ or ‘contract’ to accommodate the slimmest paperback book or the thickest manual.

The bevels also help hold the products within the centre of the packages, providing a protective cushion around the edges of the items during transit.

Labels can also be printed directly onto the Bevelope, eliminating stickers that contaminate the recycling stream.

Launched in April, the EPA’s ‘Cradle to Cradle Design Challenge’ attracted more than a thousand people to its web site; entries were submitted by students, packaging and industrial designers and manufacturers from North America and Europe. The challenge asked participants to rethink and redesign e-commerce shipping packaging based on cradle-to-cradle life cycles.