Swansea receives nanomedicine grant

Grant-making foundation The Leverhulme Trust has awarded Swansea University’s School of Health Science a Fellowship to support academic research in Nanomedicine and Enhancement.

Dr Christian Lenk, an expert in Nanomedicine and Enhancement from Göttingen University in Germany, will be visiting the Centre for Philosophy, Humanities and Law in Health Care for 12 months under the Leverhulme Fellowship Scheme, starting in spring 2008.

Dr Lenk will help develop research in Ethics of Nanomedicine, which will explore ethical issues regarding nanotechnology in health care, and Enhancement, looking at the improvement of abilities over and above the range of normal healthy abilities.

Senior lecturer Dr Thomas Schramme said: ‘The centre is now broadening its research agenda into new fields to ensure it continues to work at the cutting edge of research and to protect its future through expanding the diversity of its research portfolio. The Visiting Fellowship is key in meeting these targets in order to stimulate input and network opportunities in these new areas.’