Swansea wins car competition

A team from Swansea University has won the most fuel-efficient car award in the Formula Student Germany competition

A team of student engineers from Swansea University has won an award for the most fuel-efficient car in the Formula Student Germany competition for the second year running.

The five-day international competition to find the best student-designed and built formula racing car took place at the Hockenheim Ring, home of Formula One in Germany.

The Formula Student Germany competition consisted of a series of events, including a business presentation, design judging, and an event designed to judge the cost-efficiency of each entrant’s design and engineering. The car also had to pass an inspection by the competition’s judges before it took to the racing track.

This year’s entry from the School of Engineering team – the S7 – is powered by a Husqvarna TC510 single cylinder engine, with a fuel injection system custom-designed by the team, and an engine management configuration developed in the University’s Engine Test Cell.

The chassis is a lightweight aluminium honeycomb monocoque, and all parts have been designed or chosen to maximise performance and minimise weight, while meeting the Formula Student competition technical regulations.

Dr Ian Masters, Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering and Formula Student project coordinator at the University, said: ‘The autocross, acceleration, and skid pad tests were fine, except the car had developed a misfire during the day. Troubleshooting until 4am on the day of the endurance event did not get to the bottom of this, and the day of started with some trepidation.’

The team finished in 16th place overall out of 54 cars entered and for the second year running, the Swansea University team picked up the Formula Student Germany Most Fuel Efficient Car prize.