Swedish to farm wind

Swedish energy provider Vattenfall wants to build the largest wind farm in northern Europe, at a cost of around SEK 8 billion. The wind farm will be built in the Swedish part of Kriegers Flak, an area in the Baltic Sea between Germany and Sweden.

Vattenfall is planning to build 100-150 wind power plants in the area, with a total output of between 500 and 640 MW. In total, the farm will generate over 2 TWh of electricity per year.

To get a foothold in the wind energy business, the company recently bought Sweden Offshore from the German companies WPD offshore and Wind projekt Ingenieur-und Projektentwicklung, and has also acquired Östersjöns Vindkrafts from Fred Olsen for a total of around SEK 100 million.

Vattenfall hopes to be awarded the concession for the construction of the wind farm next year. Once it has the concession it proposes to begin the construction of the wind farm in 2009. The project should be completed within one year.