Swirl control key to economic green engine

A new 1.8l engine is being fitted in a redesigned Nissan Primera. The QG18DE not only exceeds European legislation level emissions due to come into effect in 2001, but even tougher legislation not due until 2005.

For the first time in Europe the engine features both Nissan valve timing control system (NVCS) and Nissan direct ignition system (NDIS). NVCS offers full variable inlet valve timing for better response and improved mid-range torque, and NDIS coil-on-plug system improves economy and reduces emissions.

The swirl control valve in the engine’s inlet tract is closed during warm-up and at low engine speeds redirecting air flowing into the inlet ports. The re-routed airway increases tumble swirl in the combustion chamber. It is one of four new features specifically designed to reduce the production of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.

The new engine develops 97% of its maximum torque at low engine speeds between 2400-4800rpm. Peak torque of 151Nm is generated at 2800rpm, and peak power of 113PS at 5600rpm.

In European mixed use economy tests, the Primera four-door returned over 38mpg.