Symmetric Multiprocessing for MCAD

Microsoft, Intel and Unigraphics Solutions, together with Hewlett-Packard, Dell Computer Corporation and Siemens AG, are working together to develop a Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP), multithreaded version of Parasolid for Intel-based workstations running Microsoft Windows NT. Parasolid is component software technology used in UGS’ Unigraphics and Solid Edge products as well as a number of products from other leading CAD/CAM/CAE companies including Parametric Technology, SolidWorks Corporation, Ansys, Mechanical Dynamics, MacNeal-Schwendler and Bentley Systems.

SMP refers to a workstation architecture that offers a tightly coupled system of two or more identical CPUs sharing common memory. Multi-threading means that sections of Parasolid have been rewritten to execute key modelling functions in parallel if multiple processors are present.