Symmetricom’s GoLong doubles the distance of DSL

Symmetricom has a new technology that effectively doubles the distance of high-speed ADSL internet service.

Symmetricom has detailed the results of the first successful field trial by an independent telephone company for a new technology that effectively doubles the distance of high-speed ADSL internet service.

Chester Telephone confirms that Symmetricom’s GoLong ADSL Loop Extender enables carriers to double the serving distance of their ADSL networks beyond the three-linear-mile.

The company has previously indicated that it expects its GoLong technology to eventually extend residential ADSL service to 30,000 feet. This would extend high-speed broadband access service to 95 percent of the average teleco’s market, compared with 65 percent reached through limited services available today.

Chester Telephone, an independent telephone company located in South Carolina began the field trial on Dec. 19, 2000. While Chester currently has deployed remote DSLAM terminals solving some of the company’s long loop problems, it still has many customers outside the typical three-mile serving distance for ADSL.

In the GoLong field trial, Chester used a single ADSL GoLong repeater, installed mid-span at 12,000 feet into the communications loop. The GoLong repeater met and exceeded all expectations for performance by delivering 3072 kbps downstream and 406 kbps upstream data rates with a single repeater in a 24,000-foot loop. The loop was only able to qualify at 96 kbps downstream prior to installation of the GoLong repeater (a greater than 30 fold improvement).

‘Testing in both an independent lab and the field have now confirmed GoLong’s ability to effectively double the serving distance of ADSL networks,’ said Barry Dropping, director of engineering at Symmetricom. ‘When GoLong becomes commercially available this quarter, hundreds of telecom service providers will be able to reap the benefits of reaching a larger customer base and eliminating the broadband divide.’

‘We are quite pleased by the performance of GoLong in our field trial and look forward to working with Symmetricom to complete even more complex field testing,’ said Tracy Starnes, assistant plant manager at Chester Telephone Company, a key participant in the GoLong field trial. ‘We see this as a cost-effective way of extending our DSL services.’

Symmetricom is conducting multiple field trials throughout the first quarter of 2001. Commercial shipments will begin the following quarter.

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