Synchronisation and management in IBM’s WebSphere

Extended Systems has reached a strategic technology agreement with IBM to integrate its mobile data synchronisation and management software, XTNDConnect Server, into a new IBM server software offering called WebSphere Everyplace Suite.

This new offering allows businesses to extend Web and enterprise applications to a variety of pervasive devices, including wireless handsets, PDAs, gaming machines and other Internet appliances.

Extended Systems is supplying a Unix version of Extended Systems XTNDConnect Server to IBM, providing the necessary synchronisation and data management functions for IBM’s new server software offering. With the software from Extended Systems, users of IBM’s WebSphere Everyplace Suite can use their mobile devices to synchronise information between Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and DB2 servers and Palm, Pocket PC and Windows CE devices. Additionally, users can access and synchronise enterprise information remotely using a wireless or wired connection.

XTNDConnect Server management tools enable IT managers to integrate multiple platforms into existing systems and centrally manage the information and applications on end-user devices. XTNDConnect Server also provides encryption for essential synchronisation security when accessing the enterprise network.

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